About Us

Curls for Crowns focuses on the care of natural hair while styling it in protective styles such as braids, wigs, & weave installations.

Being a young Black woman, there is a heavy emphasis on presenting yourself with confidence. Curls for Crowns believes it starts with hair care - the very foundation within our community.

Curls for Crowns's goal is not only to provide hair services but also to educate every single client and consumer of ours. Curls for Crowns is centred around confidence, knowledge and education. Your hair journey should be one that you enjoy and we would love to be apart of that.

“Wear your head high so your crown doesn’t fall off.”

It [Made for Crowns Detangling Brush] makes your hair so soft & it forces you to be gentle with your hair.

Nia Q.

Ever since [Curls for Crowns] cut my hair I've been feeling SO much more confident about the way I look. When people say my curls are popping I FEEL THAT ****. CURLSFORCROWNS y'all. That's all I gotta say.

Dominique H.

[Curls for Crowns] really created my signature look. If you need ANYONE to hook you up with a fire hairstyle, it's #CurlsForCrowns period.

Tom O.